Thoughts towards 2013

I’ve had a lot of general ideas about what I plan to do in the new year.

The problem with me is that most of my ideas are simply that; they never turn into a reality. I spark up an idea for a hobby, or an event, or something more life-changing; I plan it to some extent; then forget all about it. Later on I reflect on these dead ideas and plans and feel a little disappointed in myself.

This time of year is for reflection, so everybody thinks. I think you can reflect upon your life at anytime of the year. I also think you should reflect upon it several times a year, not just once. It’s similar to that “fresh start” byline of New Years; you can have a “fresh start” at anytime of the year you like. Isn’t there a saying somewhere that goes along the lines of “Everyday is a fresh start”. I don’t know, but I certainly believe it.

As I have all these ideas and not-so-planned plans in my head, I’m a little bit distracted from things at the moment. Thankfully there are plenty of things to also get distracted by in a different way; New Years Eve, my friend’s birthday and my own birthday (not all on the same day by the way).

I think that is from reading so two novels in three days that has planted the seeds of these ideas into my head.

My New Years resolution last year was to say “yes” more often. I think I did reasonably well in this, as I certainly have had many more adventures this year than before.

2013’s resolution will be to carry out my plans more often. Which, to be honest, I’m really quite excited and overwhelmed about.


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