Charm beats looks.

Obviously, looks count for something. They are a bonus.

You have both, and are literally oozing of them.

I would quite like you to text me please.

I am glad that I did not sleep with you though. I naively thought that not sleeping with you would make you want more of me when you walked me home and we made out. I say naively because it clearly hasn’t worked. Unless you text me soon(ish). Within the next few days would be quite nice.

I’m not sure about the politics of dating. I have never really done it before in my twenty years of living. Do people still call it dating? How restricted is the definition of “dating”?

Anyway, if it was a date type thing, I would like another one. I refrained from sleeping with you on the basis that I thought you might ask me out again. I know you have a girlfriend, but she is on the other side of the planet; I do not see the harm in a little bit of fun throughout the time you are staying in my home-town.

So. Will I get a text? I hope so.

I wonder if this post has made me look desperate.

I’m glad you don’t like blogs, so that you never read this!


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