1. Will I be motivated to do some work today?
  2. Is it normal that I am finding my lack of voice a blessing?
  3. Should I really watch Dark Knight Rises for the second time in so many days?
  4. Will I actually do a significant amount of work afterwords?
  5. Did I resign from my job a bit too quickly?
  6. Will a month off working and university drive me insane?
  7. Should I go to this party tomorrow?
  8. Will I be liked there?
  9. Will I stand out as the odd one out?
  10. Am I quirky or intelligent enough for them?
  11. Am I supposed to feel like this before a party?
  12. Will you still let me sleep in your bed even though I can’t have sex with you?
  13. Do you like me?
  14. Do you fancy me?
  15. Is it okay to flirt with others?
  16. Am I a hypocrite?
  17. How many more people will I sleep with until I settle down?
  18. Is it ignorant to want pure passion in a relationship?
  19. Why do I obsess about these things?
  20. Should I just become celibate and focus on my degree and career?
  21. Is my new found confidence and attitude a vizard?
  22. Am I actually quite delicate?
  23. Why did my cookies not turn out as tasty as before?
  24. Am I just writing this to procrastinate?
  25. Would it be wise to pull an all-nighter and get as much work done as possible?
  26. Why do I get peckish at this time of day?
  27. Am I living my life fully?
  28. What does it mean by that term anyway?
  29. Can staying in sometimes still mean my life is being lived?
  30. Do I have to go out all the time to appreciate things?
  31. Sometimes all I want to do is sketch, write or sew. Is that so bad?
  32. Am I too young to like these things?
  33. Will I be a party animal when I’m really old?
  34. Am I Benjamin Button?

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