That type of dream.

I don’t normally remember my dreams.

The most recent one (apart from this morning) was a scary dream; in which a little girl was willingly becoming consumed by a blob of matter, turning her into a human-eating freak of nature. She was trying to persuade the little boy who was with her to do the same, as she turned ugly and horrific. I can’t remember what part of the dream I had to play. Maybe it was a third-person type dream. I tried to relate the dream to a film I must of seen. Can’t think what it could of been though. Maybe a mixture of Prometheus and a zombie film? I don’t know.

This morning I woke up after dreaming of someone I had not really thought about for a while. I fancied him ages ago, when I still worked with him. Then a party was on the cards, which lots of our work friends were also invited to, and I thought that would be when something would maybe happen. Nothing happened. So, that’s when I sort of stopped fancying him. But he came back into this dream last night. I had bumped into him (I done so several times recently), and we started walking somewhere together. Then I made the decision to take hold of his hand as we walked, caressing it a little. No words were said, and he took hold of my hand firmly, looked at me, and got me against a wall, kissing me.

That was the end of the dream. But it has stuck with me. I kinda feel attracted to him again now. I am even planning on going into his work place at some point this week just to see him. How silly.

It is funny though, how certain dreams like that can just bring back emotions. Maybe I do still fancy him a little bit. Though, they say that your dreams are made up of things you have experienced that day; he had commented on a Facebook status of mine. That must of been why he was in the dream in the first place.

But the kissing part? And how it was really quite sexy? Not sure where that came from.

But I liked it.


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