I experienced heart palpitations today. First time I think.

My head feels like it’s going to explode too. I think drinking Red Bull actually worsened the situation.

It’s just general stress really. My first university deadline is coming up; I’m not enjoying my job anymore; and I am trying to plan my future a bit, all at the same time.

My main goal for next year is to move out. I can’t stay in the family home much longer; it’s driving me mad. I know I know, I should appreciate it while I can. I don’t want to though. I want my own space. I want more responsibilities. I want the chance to leave my hometown.

So. Yes. My brain is close to detonation for several reasons;

  1. I have my university deadline coming up, for all four modules.
  2. My new-job-stress is taking it’s toll. I don’t enjoy it anymore.
  3. I want a job in the career path that my degree is. What is the point otherwise?
  4. I need a plan to move out.
  5. I also want to get laid regularly; but not necessarily be just a fuck buddy.



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