Hot water bottle scars.

The pains of my stomach are not much compared to the uncomfortable feelings of pathetic I have.

One of the negatives of being a woman I suppose. I do hate that.

Insecurities are natural, however; I punish myself greatly for them. The vizard of being an oh-so confident young lady is not enough for me. I need to feel that strong on the inside as well. And why can’t I? Why do such insecurities pull me down so frequently?

That euphoria I feel about you does not last long. You are a high to me. But I fall so hard when not around you, or getting the attention I desire and crave. This is the pathetic feelings that I have been suffocated by of recent. Is that just a woman thing? Or a completely irrational ridiculous deplorable mixture of sheiße.

Am I shallow to need such attention from you? How on Earth do I go about getting it in the first place, whilst keeping up my confident exterior? If only there was a fool proof guide. And no; I’m not going to turn to reading Cosmopolitan.


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