When trying to get answers about how your fuck buddy actually thinks of you; it is of annoyance when he starts to inquire about a potential threesome.

Yes, I can honestly admit that I am bi-curious, if I must put a label on myself. But it’s not really what I want you to be texting me about, when feeling confused about what we are to each other (if anything at all).

I’ve gone and done something that I have kind of wanted to do but been scared of doing for a while. This slight confusion and curiosity about my sexuality has gone on long enough; I want to find out one way or the other. Therefore I have gone back onto POF to potentially date girls. I know. I am a contradictory twat. First I complain about the guy I am “seeing”, then I go and make a dating profile for other ladies.

Of course, if I was dating someone in a more serious way then I wouldn’t create a dating profile. Seeing as I feel more and more insecure about how he feels about me (if he has any feelings at all that aren’t in the genitalia area), I figure why not? We shall see what happens.

Thing is; I don’t think I know how to flirt with girls anyway?


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